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Currently Confetti Hemp is expanding to retailers domestically and internationally; our goal is to make our products available to everyone.

Welcome to Confetti Hemp

Confetti Hemp products have been designed to provide the smoothest, cleanest, and best possible CBD hemp product experience possible.

We strategically source our raw hemp input material from our family-owned, licensed partners in Southern Oregon who cultivate some of the most pristine hemp flower products in the world.


The Confetti Hemp team combines decades of cannabis industry experience strategically applied to the new budding hemp industry to bring you the most refined CBD Hemp products on the market.


The Highest Quality

We believe in maintaining the highest quality standards possible. That’s why all of our products come with batch numbers, and we inspect all of our CBD products before they leave our manufacturing facilities.

Holistic Healing

More and more studies are coming out extolling the benefits of CBD. Cannabidiol has many holistic properties and the psychological benefits of this compound are highly effective.

Purity of Science

Behind all of our products is a complex understanding of what makes ‘good’ CBD. Yes, it’s just a chemical from a plant. However, the process of refinement, extraction, and packaging can cause issues with the effectiveness of the Cannabidiol.

Cannabis is a classification of plants with various species, and Hemp and Marijuana are both species of plant within the Cannabis family.

Although Hemp and Marijuana are both species of Cannabis, they have several distinct differences.

The difference in THC-content is the primary factor in the legality of each plant. Because hemp has a very low amount of THC, its usage, sale, and cultivation are legal throughout the United States.

What Customers Say?

"Absolutely the best CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls."

Seattle, WA.

"Products were great and showed up right away."

Portland, OR.

"Your CBD Tiger Balm works miracles, thank you!"

Raleigh, NC.

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