All About Confetti

What is Confetti?

Confetti hemp is a company focused on making the smoothest, cleanest, most effective hemp products on the market.

Our passion for premium product development drives a company culture built on creating products worthy of celebration.


The fast paced growth of the CBD Hemp industry provides an amazing opportunity for companies to share their products with consumers across the entire world. In such an open opportunity marketplace, we view the most important factor is the ability create trustworthy and effective products.

Confetti Hemp is a family run company who takes pride in maximizing the customer experience. We use our products everyday and work diligently to consistently improve every possible aspect of product performance. We believe in the ability of our product line to help you live a healthier and happier life.


To make Confetti Hemp products, we support our family owned partner farm in Southern Oregon. Knowing our hemp flower derives from the strongest genetics in the industry and is grown with passion and pride truly makes the difference in allowing our products to outperform competition.

No pesticides, no artificial ingredients and the highest quality hemp make up the foundation for all of our products.

Our Gallery

In the near future, you’ll be seeing Confetti everywhere!